Juanetta Huffman

Assistant to the Administrator

Long-time Tiffin resident, Juanetta Huffman is the assistant to the Administrator.  She is essential to the lodge’s operation, although is often in the “background” making sure the lodge functions as it should and that our members have a good time.  Juanetta knows as much about daily lodge operations as the Administrator and acts as the lodge’s manager in the Administrator’s absence.

Juanetta is well known in Northwest Ohio as an expert in Ohio Charitable Bingo operations and volunteers her time as the primary bingo operator for The Tiffin Moose’s popular and successful charitable bingo operation.  The Tiffin Moose’s bingo operation is one of the largest and most successful bingo programs in the region, much of that due to Juanetta’s expertise and innovative ideas for the Moose’s bingo operations and special events.

She is always looking for good volunteers for our bingo program.  If you’re interested in volunteering your time, please contact her directly.


Juanetta Huffman at The Tiffin Moose