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Tiffin Moose to Install New Door Access System

Tiffin Moose to soon install new access control system for Social Quarters

The Tiffin Moose will soon (by mid-June 2023) install a new door access system for the Social Quarters. This is due to Moose International retiring it's magnetic strip cards and moving to the modern, easier, and more secure QR codes on all membership cards. If you still have the old style mag-stripe card, you will be able to continue to access the lodge until May 2024 using that type of card. After May 2024, the Magnetic Strip Reader at the Tiffin Moose will be retired. In addition (and perhaps a better option for some), you can now download the Moose Membership Mobile App on your phone, and simply scan your phone to enter the lodge.

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Bar Bingo - June 6th 2023

Is Bar Bingo the perfect way to spice up your night on the town?

Going out with your friends at the Moose will never get boring but – dare we say it? – it can become a little bit sameish. You know what we mean. You’ve tried out all of the special drinks at the bar and have your favorite snack or meal from the kitchen. You’ve come here so many times you know each of the regulars by name, and have taste tested just about everything we have to offer.

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Seven Reasons Beer May Be Good For You

Seven Reasons Beer May Be Good For You

We tend to view beer as a guilty pleasure — maybe because we associate all those suds with a beer gut and inevitable weight gain. But you’ll be happy to hear that, when consumed in moderation (we repeat, moderation), the benefits of a pint of beer go may far beyond helping you wind down after a stressful week.

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