Bar Bingo - June 6th 2023

Going out with your friends at the Moose will never get boring but – dare we say it? – it can become a little bit sameish. You know what we mean. You’ve tried out all of the special drinks at the bar and have your favorite snack or meal from the kitchen. You’ve come here so many times you know each of the regulars by name, and have taste tested just about everything we have to offer.

There’s now little left to the imagination when you head out for your weekly meet and greet with your Moose buddies, so in the end, you almost end up feeling a bit deflated. You stand in front of the mirror, slip into your new shoes, experiment with that daring new lipstick or your new Ag-Pro hat … and yet the excitement just isn’t there anymore.  

Luckily, this is exactly the sort of scenario bar bingo was created for. The ultimate game for grown-ups, this fun little fad is just the ticket for livening up your evening at the Moose and adding some excitement to your night.

Bar Bingo is fun, silly, and an absolutely great way to liven up a random Tuesday night at the Moose and make your evening extra enjoyable.  It can get pretty wild, so remember, don’t forget to look back at your camera roll come morning so you can relive every cringe-worthy and comedic second all over again – and don’t forget to post them to Facebook or Instagram with #TiffinMoose!

Our first Bar Bingo will be on Tuesday, June 6th.   Get here early to make sure you get a good seat!