03/01/23 Special Meeting

At the membership meeting on 02/14/23, the membership met to discuss one topic as noted below.

The President of the Board, JIM MONTZ informed all members present that the reason for this meeting is to discuss and vote on the sale of the .71 ACRE parcel located at the NORTHEAST corner of the Tiffin Moose Campus.  MENTAL HEALTH AND RECOVERY SERVICES BOARD OF SENECA, OTTAWA, SANDUSKY AND WYANDOT COUNTIES has offered the Moose $[redacted] plus [redacted] for the property in order to build a “Green Space” and perhaps add some parking spaces.  This parcel is currently not used by the Moose and there are no plans to use it in the near future.  It is a very small piece of the property that is mostly weeds and gravel that the Moose has to maintain.  The property appraised for $[redacted] in December, 2022.

JIM MONTZ also informed the membership that we will not be discussing any other business at this special meeting and that any attempt to do so will be immediately halted.

The floor was opened for discussion:
Member, MARIE SHUEY, opened the discussion with a statement that it seems like a good idea to sell the small parcel since the lodge does not have any current or future plans for the small piece of property.

Member, KEN BOES, suggested that in lieu of selling the property, we should offer to lease it.  The board informed Mr. Boes that it is a county agency, and they are not interested in leasing the property.

Member, BETTY MONTZ made the statement that whatever the Mental Health Board does with the property will probably look very nice and has the potential to increase our own property value and curb appeal.

Member, WAYNE BURNS, suggested that we make sure our drive that runs alongside the property is still ours in the final contract.  The board agrees with that suggestion.

Member, KATHY CONELY, made the statement that it’s such a small piece of our property that is unused, but has to be maintained, that it seems to be in the lodge’s best interest to dispose of the parcel.

Member, JIM OMLOR, expressed concern over the fact that the building is aging, and the injection of cash would be good for the lodge in the case of inevitable repairs that will need to be made.

JIM MONTZ asked if there was any further discussion.  No member answered in the affirmative.


After discussion among the membership was complete, a call for a motion to sell the property was sent to the floor by Board President, JIM MONTZ.

A motion to adopt a resolution to sell the .71 Acre Parcel of property located at the Northeast corner of the Moose Campus was made by lodge member, MARIE SHUEY.   Lodge member, BETTY MONTZ seconded the motion.

The president, JIM MONTZ called for the membership to vote on the motion by STANDING.
The trustees, STEVE STEINMETZ, BRIAN FERGUSON, and TODD HILL each counted the votes independently.

Once all three trustees had agreed on the vote counts, The Administrator, JOSH SCHOOLEY logged the vote count of the trustees as reported to him.

31          of the members present voted IN FAVOR OF the motion.
  2          of the members present voted AGAINST the motion.
  1          of the members present ABSTAINED for voting for or against the motion.

The motion to adopt a resolution to sell the .71 Acre Parcel of property located at the Northeast corner of the Moose Campus PASSED with 31 members voting IN FAVOR of the motion, 2 members voting AGAINST the motion, and 1 ABSTAINING.

The lodge President, JIM MONTZ announced the results of the vote to the membership present and gaveled all voting and discussion on the matter closed.


The lodge president, JIM MONTZ gaveled the meeting closed at 7:14 PM.  The Board of Officers and Membership is IN RECESS.