A Perk… Not the Purpose.

Good Friends.  Good Times. 

The Moose and organizations like it have the unfortunate reputation of just being a private bar.   People think you just pay membership dues and in return they should get cheap drinks and opportunities to win members-only drawings — thinking nothing more of the organization than what it can offer them for free OR contributing to it’s purpose. THIS WAY OF THINKING IS INCORRECT.   That way of thinking is also the reason organizations like this are dying every day across the country.  Make no mistake, The Tiffin Moose (and the Moose organization as a whole) is first and foremost a service organization, dedicated to helping our community and supporting MooseHeart & MooseHaven.  Yes,  The Tiffin Moose provides a safe and fun social club for it’s members, but it should not be your only reason for joining… it’s simply a perk of membership.  And a great perk at that!!

The Tiffin Moose social quarters is the hub of activity at the lodge. It’s where the bar is located, and is used for fun events like our Moose Races, 50/50 and other games of chance to benefit the various charities we support. Not to mention other fun events like special parties and sporting tailgating parties. Stop by and grab a drink, hang out with friends (or meet some new ones), and try some of the amazing food from the Kitchen.

The Tiffin Moose is Seneca County’s premier social club, offering it’s members a clean, safe, and fun family-friendly environment to have a great time, and meet new people in return for their service to the organization and their community.

So, are you looking for a place to spend your time, volunteer in your community, and meet new people? A place where people from different walks of life volunteer their time to benefit their community and charitable organizations? Then the Moose could be right for you! You’re welcome to visit lodge up to three (3) times as a guest before deciding if you’d like to join. We’re pretty sure you’ll see the benefits after your first visit!

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